Corporate Events  I  User Conferences  I  Press Conferences  I  Trade Shows

Providing connectivity during events is not just a bonus for attendees anymore – it is a necessity. While some event venues offer in-house WiFi, the network typically can’t handle the number of users trying to connect. Dedicated WiFi is the solution, and Brown Pelican WiFi specializes in it.

Product Launches  I  Training Programs   Mobile Tours

Launching a new product, or providing training, are two crucial events that require dependable WiFi. Brown Pelican builds custom WiFi solutions with calculated bandwidth, and network design that will be perfect for the attendee and presenter experience.

Festivals Concerts Sports  I  Parties Public Events

It is pretty much a given that public events like these are full of people eager to share their experiences. Providing a fully managed WiFi network is the best choice to increase attendee satisfaction, and brand awareness through social sharing. And it doesn’t matter where these events are held – Brown Pelican WiFi specializes in providing WiFi anywhere. Yes, even outside!

Film Shoots  I  Construction Sites  Venue Installations

With so many technology apps used today to keep business and production running efficiently, WiFi has become an integral part of industries that aren’t always in the same location. Fully managed WiFi networks provide reliable and secure connections anywhere and anytime – and can be moved when it is time for production to move.