Brown Pelican is proud to announce becoming a Samsung Wireless American Gold Partner. We’ve chosen Samsung Wireless as our go-to technology vendor for robust, secure and reliable WiFi for our clients’ most important event and venue needs.

Samsung Wireless’ technology, coupled with Brown Pelican WiFi expertise in high density event WiFi networks and consulting, brings a product and service combination that companies can rely on to deliver a premier user experience at all their events and venues.

Why is this so cool?

Samsung manufactures the human devices that are connecting a WiFi-enabled world. Samsung’s decades of relationships with mobile operators, as well as LTE cellular handover, ensures that the Samsung Wireless solution delivers:

  • Superior coverage  
  • Higher capacity & throughput  
  • Richer communication  
  • High level of security  
  • Seamless connectivity while moving around the space  
  • Easy to manage

We are actively working closely with Samsung Wireless engineers on network optimization that is specific to the demanding needs of high density environments. One of the most exciting aspects of Samsung’s WiFi solution is that it’s built on the same technologies employed in LTE cellular network solutions, which allows a seamless hand-off while people are moving throughout a space.

How does this benefit you?

Brown Pelican WiFi understands that reliable and powerful WiFi is now a cornerstone for events aiming to drive revenue, build brand loyalty and awareness, and promote partners. Our business is built on designing networks that provide a 0% failure rate for live streaming, demos, presentations, sales, and attendee connection – both indoors and outdoors.

Partnering with Samsung brings their decades of expertise in cellular networks to our WiFi solution, and we are confident in our ability to offer the best technology available at a competitive price. Plus, we top it off with our white glove service.

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