It’s been a challenging 3 months (which has felt like a year!), and we hope you’re doing well. At Brown Pelican WiFi we’ve worked hard to keep our business going. We’ve made some tough decisions, cried, and felt really stressed. And we know we still have work to do. Sound familiar? Well, we’re in it with you, that’s for sure.

But – we’re staying positive and focused on getting through it, and we’ve had some great things come out of the challenges:

• We’ve been able to exercise different parts of our brains to reinvent and refresh – our brand, our business … ourselves. We’ve had to stretch out of our comfort zone to do what it takes.

• We’ve had an amazing level of collaboration from our team to innovate and create new solutions.

We were able to launch our new website! We had started a total redesign WAY back in December, and because of our great partnership with Cloudburst Design, they were able to complete the project within our already paid for budget.

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