Oh – 2020!

Seriously, what a year it has been. As with many of you, our business was severely impacted by the restrictions placed on live events because of Covid-19. We’ve had to make adjustments, and refocus our model a bit, but we’re still kicking! We’ve also been involved in efforts to help the live events industry recover, with partnership participation in organizations like The Live Events Coalition and Go Live Together, as well as writing letters to our political leaders to take action to provide assistance to the live events industry.

So – while we’re not as busy as usual, we have been up to some interesting and fun projects.
Here are few:

Virtual Graduation

When a private K-12 school in the Bay Area wanted to honor and acknowledge they’re grads during Covid-19, Brown Pelican WiFi jumped in to enable a virtual graduation ceremony! Brown Pelican deployed a secure, private network on the school’s Lacrosse field, where 100 cars lined up drive-in movie style to watch the graduates accept their diplomas on stage. Parents and families were able to watch the ceremony live in their vehicles, and the extended families watched on YouTube Live, thanks to Brown Pelican WiFi’s network. See full project details here

Womxn Ignite 9-Week Retreat

Two Yale and Stanford CS students set out to …”make lemonade out of Covid-19 lemons and forge their own paths…”, developing a 9-week residential program as an alternative for online-learning. They created the top professional network of 25 young female tech superstars who want to invest in one-another — professionally, financially, and emotionally — as they become the next generation of leaders of the tech industry. With support from peers and guidance from mentors, they will identify issues, build solutions, and take risks together. 

WOW!! Impressive barely scratches the surface of what these powerful future leaders are doing, and Brown Pelican WiFi is honored to be involved. The site chosen for Womxn Ignite is a gorgeous retreat located in the Redwoods of Mendocino County. WiFi was limited, so Brown Pelican installed an enterprise grade, secure network for these amazing women to be able to work, learn and share. See full project details here

Drive-In Movies at Fort Mason Center

Brown Pelican WiFi is proud to be the exclusive WiFi and network provider for Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in San Francisco. Through our campus-wide, enterprise grade network, we power some of the best events in the Bay Area. With Covid-19 restrictions, the team at Fort Mason got creative. Brown Pelican was there to help, providing secure networking for box office operations for FORT MASON FLIX, a pop-up drive-in movie theater housed on the FMCAC campus. Running six days a week from September 18 through October 18, 2020, FORT MASON FLIX will show a variety of family favorites, cult classics, blockbusters, and arthouse cinema. See full project details here.

Pier 27 Virtual Production Studio

We are also proud to be the exclusive WiFi and network provider for Metro Events’ flagship venues – Pier 27, Pier 29 and Pier 35 on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. And again, with Covid restrictions, Metro had to get creative, and is making Pier 27 available for any clients interested in doing virtual events. Brown Pelican is partnering with Metro, clients and AV vendors to make sure the virtual studio needs are met. Stay tuned for updates! See full project details here.

North Beach Citizens Virtual Fundraiser

In the spring of 2000, Francis Ford Coppola, along with a group of residents and merchants of North Beach in San Francisco, joined together to discuss the rise of homelessness in their neighborhood. North Beach Citizens was born in January 2001 staffed only with volunteers. Within one month, North Beach Citizens was working with 50 homeless citizens.

Each year, North Beach Citizens honors a member of the community who was integral in the success of the organization, via a fundraising dinner celebration. This year’s event will be held virtually for the first time. And – the 2020 honoree truly deserves the recognition. Since 2003, Kristie Fairchild has served as the Executive Director of North Beach Citizens. With Fairchild at the helm, North Beach Citizens has helped more than 3,000 homeless and low-income people across San Francisco find and stay in housing, and rebuild their lives, all within an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and respect.

We are proud and honored to be part of this important event honoring Kristie. Click here for information.

Outdoor Events 

While we may not be ready to gather in large groups indoors, there are many interesting ways to meet outdoors, as some of the project examples we’ve talked about demonstrate. Brown Pelican WiFi has been an industry leader in providing kick ass WiFi and networking for outdoor events since 2009, in some locations that were, well, challenging! So take a look at our work, and let us know how we can get creative together to keep you talking with your most important audiences.

Virtual Event Networks

And last, but not least, Virtual Events – our new reality for a while. Brown Pelican WiFi has been providing networking for livestreams and online-based events for over 10 years, so this is no stretch for us. 

We’re the glue between the AV company, livestream provider, event production, and venue. We partner with the best AV and streaming companies in the industry to deliver a full-service virtual event.

Whether you’re considering a full virtual event or a hybrid of live and virtual, we can help!