Oh! The P-Word…

PIVOT is a word that’s been used a lot lately, but it does ring true to what many of us are doing. Brown Pelican is looking at how we can realign our business offerings to expand a bit outside of providing kick-ass wifi and networking just for events. Here are a couple of ways we’re pivoting:

Virtual Events

We’ve been the technical backbone for livestreams and virtual events for 10 years, so it’s not new to us. We’re just talking about it differently now, and focusing on our expertise to help you through the new digital reality. While we don’t provide the total package (we have amazing AV partners for that), we do provide the essential piece to any successful digital event experience – a solid network foundation. So let us know what you need – and reach out in the early stages of planning because the last thing you want is a big fat virtual FAIL.

Permanent Installations

We’re also working to expand our portfolio of permanent network installations to not only event venues, but also to office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, etc.  Here’s how we look at it:

It’s in our DNA.
We’re networking experts and one of the top companies in the industry for event wifi and networking. Events are hostile, high-density, mission-critical environments where there are no second chances and the show must go on. If we can make networks work for thousands of people at one place at one time, we can make them work flawlessly in any location, anywhere in the world.
That is our advantage.

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