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Our Cellular WiFi Router Hotspots are a great option when you need quick WiFi for a small number of users. We’ll pre-configure the equipment to meet your specific needs, and send it directly to your event with complete set-up instructions and a return shipping label.

This event wifi solution is perfect for providing dedicated wifi that is more reliable than using the on-site wifi that might be available at your location. There is no technical experience required to set up the Cellular WiFi Router, and if you run into trouble or have questions, one of our engineers will be available to help. Once you are finished using the Cellular WiFi Router, simply pack it back up and send it back to us!

Basic Cellular Based WiFi Hotspots – up to 30 WiFi devices
Premium Cellular WiFi Hotspots – up to 100 devices

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Each event is unique, which means the technology required to make the event a total success should be designed specifically around the details. Once you submit this form, we’ll give you a call to discuss additional information about your event.

If you have additional questions after filling out our WiFi Needs Form, please contact us! (855)-235-WIFI or info@brownpelicanwifi.com

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