As events continue to evolve, they aren’t always taking place in a building, park, or convention center – they are now happening in unique, remote locations. Satellite Bandwidth is best utilized when no signal can be brought in via hardline, or by microwave signal. Also, when time constraints prevent using other bandwidth options.

A few of the projects where we’ve successfully used Satellite Bandwidth are:

  • A solar panel farm in the middle of a dessert in Las Vegas
  • A private residence deep in the hills of California for a special event
  • A major Las Vegas hotel that was having bandwidth issues 15 hours before a critical keynote webcast
  • A park in New York City with no fiber or microwave line of sight
  • A location near Nashville with no fiber or microwave line of sight and poor cellular coverage

Satellite Event Bandwidth is a totally different ball game in how Bandwidth and WiFi are actually provided, but the results are the same with Brown Pelican. Rock. Solid. WiFi.

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