Live Event WiFi

Conference and tradeshow visitors rely on a strong internet connection for networking, checking in with the home office, and sharing their experience on social media. Whether your event is large or small, indoors or out, we can customize the temporary WiFi network to keep your guests connected.

Virtual Event WiFi

Virtual Event Networks

From the camera to the end viewer, Brown Pelican WiFi is the glue that holds your virtual event together. The end-user experience is dependent on you choosing the right AV, livestream, and delivery platform, but none of that will perform without a solid network backbone. That’s where we come in.

Outdoor & Roadshow WiFi

Striking cityscapes and beautiful vistas don’t have to make event guests feel stuck in the stone age. Brown Pelican provides outdoor WiFi solutions for roadshows, concerts, public events, festivals, sporting events, and city-wide races—even Alcatraz—so stunning scenery doesn’t come at the cost of your connection.

Network & WiFi Consulting

When the success of your project is riding on a great network, our experts have years of experience delivering WiFi and networking for the tough demands of live events, and challenges of fixed locations. We provide everything from network architecture planning to hardware recommendations to technology vendor management.

Permanent Installations

Take control of your venue's network connection by installing permanent WiFi on your building's grounds. Permanent WiFi capabilities allow facility managers to scale network capabilities according to demand, often more affordable over the long run than contracting WiFi services as-needed.

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

What do you do when your network is slow, unreliable, or worse, not secure? Whether at an event, at your office, apartment, warehouse, school or hospital, if the critical lifeblood of your operation doesn’t work, you don’t either. Brown Pelican has decades of experience building, monitoring and managing the most demanding networks, so let us help. Your network or ours, we’ll make it work.

Bandwidth Calculator Tool

It can be hard to predict how a network will perform under high stress. Or at least it was until Brown Pelican took the guesswork out of bandwidth with our internally developed Bandwidth Calculator Tool. Just provide us with a little information about your needs and we’ll give you an estimate of how much bandwidth you need.