We’re event experts with decades of experience, and we’re here to make sure our clients can connect when it counts. But we’re not such big shots that we’ve forgotten how to be scrappy. We’re nimble, resourceful and creative. We’re great at finding solutions, but we really pride ourselves in bringing a spirit of partnership, collaboration and connection to everything we do. 


We provide event wifi and network anywhere in the world, even in the most remote and hard to reach places. Check out our map below to see where we’ve been!


Brown Pelican WiFi is a woman-owned business that was co-founded by Glenn and Marybeth Hall in 2009, and received a Woman-Owned Business certification from the National Women Business Owners Corporation. 


Meet The Brown Pelican Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team brings over 20 years of experience in event management and production, IT, networking, brand strategy, digital technology and business operations.


Marybeth Hall, CEO

As CEO and co-owner of Brown Pelican WiFi, my main focus is how to bring brands to life through technology-enabled solutions – the foundation of so many great event experiences. 

Like many CEOs, I touch most areas of our company’s operations and growth, including sales, marketing, business ops and strategic partnerships. At Brown Pelican WiFi we work with the world’s biggest companies and the best event agencies. Our networks are in iconic event venues in the Bay Area and nationally. 

I’ve been in the event industry for over 22 years, and before Brown Pelican WiFi I spent 14 years at Jack Morton Worldwide, a global event production agency, in leadership positions including SVP Sr. Account Director, SVP Director of Operations, VP Managing Director and VP Director of Production. Prior to joining Jack Morton Worldwide, I owned Option 3 Studios, an award-winning digital media company whose clients included AT&T, Showtime Networks, Bethlehem Steel, Andretti Enterprises and the United States Golf Association.

I graduated from Drexel University with B.S. in Marketing and Design. I now live in wine country, CA with my husband and our 4 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats. On the side, I’m the founder of When Pigs Fly Ranch, a farm animal sanctuary in Sonoma County, where we rescue and provide forever homes to pigs and chickens. Never a dull moment 🙂


Glenn Hall, Founder

As the Founder of Brown Pelican WiFi, I set the foundation and infrastructure for a kick-ass and rock-solid networking and wifi company by building relationships and managing all technology solutions for our clients. I bring over 20 years of experience in networking and IT and specialize in developing solutions for clients’ event technology needs. My expertise is trusted throughout the industry as a leader in providing network architecture and strategic consulting for clients including Salesforce, Intel, Google, Splunk and others.

In addition to my work in IT and technology, I spent 10 years at Jack Morton Worldwide, where I played an integral part in the development of many large events and architectural projects for clients including Madison Square Garden, Sprint, NFL, US Navy, Bank of America, LG, Home Depot, MTV, Cotton, FOX, NBC.

Before beginning my career in events and technology, I was a volunteer firefighter and paramedic and served in the United States Marine Corps as a Helicopter Avionics Technician. And in my spare time, I work as a pig wrangler at my wife’s sanctuary – When Pigs Fly Ranch. Needless to say, I know how to get things done.


Kelly O’Rourke, COO

As COO I am responsible for redesigning and implementing business operations, setting and driving organizational vision, establishing policies that promote the company culture and mission. I joined Brown Pelican in 2019 as Director of Operations and quickly moved to head the Operations team as the VP of Operations. When COVID-19 hit, I drove the process to realign the company toward a new go-forward financial model and business strategy. This included my moving into a strategic advisory role to allow the business to pivot and navigate through the tumultuous waters of the pandemic. The success of this plan brought me back stronger than ever as COO. 

I have spent my career supporting small to medium-sized companies in various operational capacities. As Head of Operations and Human Resources at Strut Consulting, I helped to set in place scalable day-to-day operations for the firm ensuring all of the systems, resources, and people were in a place to achieve the goals of the company.  While overseeing the internal operations for Strut Consulting, I did the same for some of the top emerging managers in venture capital.  Earlier roles included helping grow and scale Aduro Advisors, a venture capital fund administration firm. Following my time at Aduro Advisors, I was Head of Operations and Client Relations at i2i Financial, a provider of retirement and investment solutions.

My human resources expertise is backed by an SPHR Certification and a Certificate of Human Resource Management from San Francisco State University. I earned my B.A. in Political Science at the University of California at Davis.

How Our Brand Was Born

A lot of people ask us where the name “Brown Pelican WiFi” comes from. The photo at the top of the page kind of says it all.  We had a boat in Sausalito, where we would see dozens, and sometimes hundreds of Brown Pelicans.  They are inspiring, courageous, elegant, comical and beautiful.  We felt fortunate to share space with them, and we decided on the name one morning over coffee when there were “squadrons” feeding in the bay.

Where We’ve Worked

Brown Pelican WiFi has provided event wifi in hundreds of cities throughout the world. Take a look!