Bandwidth can make or break your event. The wifi network makes it all happen on-site, but unless you have enough bandwidth, the access points, switches and routers can’t make the network more robust. Check out our Bandwidth Calculator here.

In addition to bandwidth owned by Brown Pelican WiFi, we’ve been partnering with professional bandwidth providers nationwide for almost 10 years. We’ll use that experience, and our deep relationships, to manage the process of selecting the right provider, determine the correct amount of bandwidth, and use our buying leverage to get you the best price possible.

Fiber Optic Bandwidth 

Fiber Optic Bandwidth is extremely reliable and fast, and fiber is becoming ubiquitous in metro areas, so if your event is in a major city there’s a good chance the venue will have fiber. We will help you determine what’s available at your event location, and if there’s no fiber – no fear!

Microwave Point to Point:

Microwave Point to Point is the best solution when there’s no fiber in the building. This alternative uses a microwave point to point transmission from a fixed location to your venue. In cities, this is achieved easily using a series of antennas on rooftops. In more remote locations this may not always be an option, but again – never fear!

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