Live events can be the heart of the interaction you have with your customers, allowing people to come together and be immersed in your brand in a way no other marketing strategy can. Events are an important part of your brand’s story, and it’s not just about the environment at an event, it’s about providing audiences with everything they need to not only become brand advocates but also to feel they got the best experience possible. And that means you need to get everything right, including WiFi and networking, and the things they enable.

Custom, temporary WiFi networks are perfect for live events that are held in convention centers, outdoor locations, or at corporate-owned facilities. Each WiFi network is customized to fit the venue and expected usage, while staying within budget.

One of the biggest benefits of a Brown Pelican Custom WiFi Network for live events is that we make sure it works within the parameters of the event location. And no venue is out of the question: indoor, outdoor, big, small – you name it.

Brown Pelican WiFi has successfully installed and managed temporary, custom live event WiFi in hundreds of locations nationwide, and globally.

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