Branded Portals

A Branded Portal is an interface that creates access to your WiFi by allowing users with smartphones, tablets, and laptops to connect to the internet. This enables you to measure user behavior, gather user information, and if desired, market directly to those users.

Data Capture and Reporting
Having a managed WiFi system on location has advantages beyond just great connectivity and internet access. You can leverage the data we collect through a Branded Portal to gain valuable insight into network usage and effectiveness. This is helpful to make decisions and make real-time adjustments.

User Engagement
When people need to be connected, they also want to be engaged. This creates a more satisfying experience for them, which means more brand loyalty for you. A Branded Portal is an ideal way to understand not only who is using your network, but how. Foot traffic and flow, heat maps, and capturing user demographics allow you to provide a custom, unique experience, including delivering content tailored to your audience. Increase customer engagement by offering discounts, special offers, or unique products.

Monetize Your Network
Offering free WiFi is a great way to create loyal, happy users. There are several ways you can monetize your network through sponsored ads, surveys that gather user preferences for targeted remarketing campaigns, using social login data to understand user demographics for more effective outreach and offers, using clickable calls to action, offering coupons, and many more!

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