5 Event WiFi Tips to Make Your Events Thrive During Event Season

Fall and early Winter are peak time for events – which means things are busy! Brown Pelican WiFi has been in the Event WiFi business for nearly 20 years, and we want to share some Event WiFi tips for you and your production team before you are on site.


1. Make sure your WiFi network is private and secure for your event. You wouldn’t hold your event at Starbucks – so be sure your event network is dedicated to your needs.

2. Keep your brand shining on social media. This means no bad tweets about your WiFi by making sure that your Event WiFi network is actively managed.

3. MiFi’s may not cut it. Make sure that your connection (bandwidth) can handle the data load of your event and that the network equipment is carrier grade. P.S. need help calculating how much bandwidth you need? Use our bandwidth calculator tool.

4. Coach your presenters. Prepare your Event WiFi network for any call-outs for attendees to download an app or open a 500 page document.

5. Share with the world. Don’t forget your live stream requires a dedicated 10MB and its own hardline.

Need some help with your event WiFi?

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Wonder How Much Bandwidth You Need For Your Event?

Use our Bandwidth Calculator Tool to help figure out your bandwidth needs.