Times Square Chronicles, the community beat paper to Times Square and the surrounding areas, has a great article on their site about the importance of quality wifi for event organizers who care about the event’s success. We read it, and thought we’d give you our two cents here. 

You’d think it goes without saying, but if your event is largely supported by digital assets and technologies, wifi is an absolutely crucial player – and as the article so accurately puts it, “every event nowadays is supported by technology.”

All of your attendees need to be able to access a stable wifi network free of interruptions or connection issues. If you’ve attended events like these, you can personally vouch for just how much factors like these affect your experience. If you’re frustrated by the lack of responsiveness in the wifi, you just aren’t going to be fully plugged into that seminar, you won’t be able to swap LinkedIn connections with the people you meet and you surely won’t get everything out of your time there. Yet for some reason, this obviously important step in event planning is often overlooked or left to the last minute. 

Aside from the more in the moment benefits of a strong wifi connection, you can gain extremely valuable insights from measurements of how it affected the event’s quality after the fact. The article dives into what exactly some of these key metrics are, like lead generation and representative skill.

One thing that we thought the article left out was just why temporary networks work so well for events.

Custom, temporary wifi networks are perfect for live events that are held in a variety of venues – convention centers, outdoor locations, or at corporate-owned facilities. And no venue is out of the question: indoor, outdoor, big, small, you name it. That’s because every temporary network can be customized to fit the venue and expected usage, while staying within the budget of the event. 

The article concludes on a positive note, and sums up the overall ideas well, saying “Investing in temporary wifi will benefit your organization in so many ways. The participants will be satisfied and will share their positive experiences.”

We couldn’t agree more. Brown Pelican has successfully installed and managed temporary, custom, live event wifi in hundreds of locations nationwide and globally. Let us work on your event next. 

Request an estimate here, or head over to our website to learn more about what exactly it is we do and to see some examples of live event wifi projects.  


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