“The venue and environment for your event is like the box in which your event gift is given.”

~ Marybeth Hall, CEO Brown Pelican WiFi

The venue for your event truly is the packaging to what the gift really is – and presentation is everything, right?

Since choosing a venue is in fact so crucial, it’s no surprise that you spend a lot of time choosing the right place to make the statement you’re going for. You’re providing your audience with an amazing brand experience, and in many cases your audience’s great experiences are all about the environment. And part of that environment is the wifi experience – like it or not. Some of the coolest places for events are not the coolest places when it comes to wifi connectivity.  

So … if the venue can’t deliver what you need to bring your technology to life at your event – and provide your audience with the wifi experience they expect – well, you know what can happen. Oh those surveys!

Before you decide on that perfect venue, be sure to consider these possibilities:

• Using the venue wifi may feature the venue’s logo on their splash page for login – not your brand’s logo. Wait – whose brand are you trying to feature at your event? Yours or the venue’s?

Wifi may be shared with guests (in hotels, convention centers, etc.)

• In many cases, venues have an off-site networking staff with no monitoring during events. If your wifi goes down, there isn’t much anyone can do to help.

• House wifi is not “tuned” for high-density environments. Your venue has WiFi but it’s not really intended to be used for your entire keynote audience to tweet simultaneously.

• Venues should allow you to bypass their bandwidth connectivity and wifi network if they don’t meet your needs. Be sure to ask about this. Brown Pelican WiFi is happy to participate in calls with the technical staff at your potential venue to make sure it will fit your event wifi needs.

• Many venues have no bandwidth connectivity at all, which means it must be brought in from a 3rd party – like Brown Pelican Wifi!

• Venue wifi may not be secure and private to your event. That last thing you need is your attendees getting hacked while at your event. This is a biggie.

Your Event is Booked. But the WiFi Stinks – What To Do?

Brown Pelican WiFi will work with you to design a custom wifi network for your event to provide rock solid connectivity.

And don’t worry, we can work directly with the venue so you don’t have to deal with all the tech talk and geeky details – unless you want to join in!

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