On February 20th, 3500+ attendees arrived at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to see the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 device. 2019 is the 10 year anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy phone, and this event was packed full of announcements about how Samsung planned to bring smartphones into the next decade. Devices that feature 5G capabilities, folding displays (yes, a folding smart phone that turns into a tablet – affectionately referred to as a Phablet) and a new line of phones with features that users crave.

“For the guest network at this event, we are going to put every single person who comes in here into their own personal area wifi network.” Jason Claybrook, Marketing, Samsung

Each attendee who accessed wifi at this event, provided by Brown Pelican WiFi, was treated to a brand new wifi experience using Samsung’s Axis with Samsung’s WEC-8500 and WEA514i Access Points. Each device connected to its own VLAN, which means that everyone on the wifi network had an exclusive and secure wifi bubble of their own that followed them wherever they went while exploring the event. This new wifi technology provided a major improvement in ping times when accessing the internet, and overall performance, and is just one of the newest ways event wifi is expanding to give users the best possible wifi experience.

“We have 60 Samsung Wireless access points deployed in there – they are even under the seats! We’ve got to deliver the network to the people – not expect them to go where the network is.” Marybeth Hall, CEO, Brown Pelican WiFi

And the best part? There wasn’t a single reported issue during the event. We had the privilege of partnering with Ashish Bhatia with Samsung WiFi and couldn’t have done it without him and his amazing support.

“The hardware of Samsung Axis is designed to handle a high capacity. Everyone of these individual devices can get a fair amount of RF shares so that they can, at the end of the day, provide a much better end user experience.” Ashish Bhatia, Senior Technical Sales Engineer, Samsung Networks

Check out this video that our friends at Marketscale put together to showcase how this new technology worked at the event.