Event Bandwidth

Bandwidth can make or break your event. The wifi network makes it all happen on-site, but unless you have enough bandwidth, the access points, switches and routers can’t make the network more robust. Check out our Bandwidth Calculator here.

In addition to bandwidth owned by Brown Pelican WiFi, we’ve been partnering with professional bandwidth providers nationwide for almost 10 years. We’ll use that experience, and our deep relationships, to manage the process of selecting the right provider, determine the correct amount of bandwidth, and use our buying leverage to get you the best price possible.

Fiber Optic Bandwidth

Fiber Optic Bandwidth is extremely reliable and fast, and fiber is becoming ubiquitous in metro areas, so if your event is in a major city there’s a good chance the venue will have fiber. We will help you determine what’s available at your event location, and if there’s no fiber – no fear!

Microwave Point to Point

Microwave Point to Point is the best solution when there’s no fiber in the building. This alternative uses a microwave point to point transmission from a fixed location to your venue. In cities this is achieved easily using a series of antennas on rooftops. In more remote locations this may not always be an option, but again – never fear!

Satellite Bandwidth

What do you do when you’re in a remote location with NO INTERNET access? As events continue to evolve, they aren’t always taking place in a building, city park or convention center – they are now happening in unique, remote locations. Brown Pelican WiFi has been providing Satellite Bandwidth and Event WiFi for events in the last few years. We see this as a trend that will continue to grow.

So, why use Brown Pelican WiFi for satellite bandwidth? It’s all in the numbers – and success. If you’ve done your research about Satellite Bandwidth, you know that there are a few options out there. But be sure you know what you’re getting. Providers may claim to be able to provide 100 Mbps, but that will most likely be download only. They may only be able to get about 3 Mbps upload, so you won’t have a synchronous circuit. And believe us when we say that upload speed is critical for your needs.

Another pitfall is that you may be paying for a smaller amount of bandwidth than advertised, only to be charge for overages. We’ve seen situations where providers are really only passing a few Gbps, and charging $150/Gbps for everything over! Most of these kit solutions will provide at best 15×5 Mbps solutions with high latency. This means very limited usage and low number of users able to connect.

Our solution uses military grade equipment and we have successfully provided over 50×50 Mbps with low latency. We’ve run events on satellite bandwidth with over 300 users, including live streams, with NO DOWNTIME.

And – satellite isn’t just for events in the middle of a desert. We’ve had great success in NYC, on the Las Vegas strip, and many other urban locations.
See a few Satellite Bandwidth projects we have done here. 

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Each event is unique, which means the technology required to make the event a total success should be designed specifically around the details. Once you submit our WiFi Needs Form, we’ll give you a call to discuss additional information about your event.

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