Event Network / WiFi Engineer

Position Summary

Provide WiFi engineering and system performance support for deployments throughout North America at corporate events, outdoor events, conferences, etc. Work with system integrators, wireless service providers and customer IT to design, implement and operate custom WiFi networks.

We are looking for an individual who thrives in the dynamic energy of live events and is always looking to improve the client experience. We have spent over a decade building a trusted brand, and it is vital that we find team members who have the same passion and drive to uphold our reputation. This role will need a person who has drive, is a little scrappy, and thrives on being the genius backstage who makes it all work. This position is ideal for someone who would rather be heading up mission control than be the astronaut.


  • Experience working in a live event environment is strongly desired
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, with a focus on providing white-glove client service in a dynamic environment; reliable, self-sufficient
  • Enterprise network engineering and management experience required
  • Familiar with WiFi planning tools
  • Experience with WiFi test equipment and spectrum analyzers
  • Familiarity with Ruckus Wireless, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Cisco and HP networking equipment
  • In-depth knowledge of both PC and Mac operating systems, as well as iOS, Android and other device-based operating systems
  • In-depth experience in networking architecture – subnetting, VLAN, DHCP and Wireless
  • Familiarity with audio visual, digital signage, lighting and other systems driving the event experience in terms of their reliance on WiFi

Essential Job Functions

  • Work closely with customer personnel regarding system design, performance and optimization, recommend configuration changes
  • Meet with client to gather scope including coverage areas, performance expectations, and client device type and usage
  • Design and engineer WiFi and network solutions
  • Manage WiFi network on site; oversee all technical personnel on-site
  • Coordinate, oversee or perform system optimization of WiFi systems before and during all event hours
  • Configure, test, and commission WiFi access points
  • Optimize WiFi networks
  • Support new technology trials
  • On show site, modify systems by select sites, conducting Spectrum tests, analyzing data, and preparing client documentation
  • Leverage empirical and predictive design tools
  • Perform ongoing system testing, test analysis, troubleshooting, test reports and recommendation for changes and upgrades
  • Utilize company operational process workflow systems
  • Perform post-implementation WiFi RF reports, if required, using a variety of measures to confirm system designs including test equipment, power density and power meter, spectrum analyzer, and client devices

Job Requirements

Minimum of three (3) years’ experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting WiFi networks including APs and controllers.  Event IT experience is preferred.