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What We Do

A virtual event can be just as successful, engaging, and fun as an in-person event. We just use a different set of tools to get it done, and having an experienced Producer is critical. With Brown Pelican’s team’s 20+ years producing, managing, and providing premier services to the live and virtual events industry, we’re here to help, whether you’re considering a virtual event or a hybrid of live and virtual.

It’s hard to believe we’re in the second year of having to do virtual fundraisers, but that means our audiences expect the best. Don’t compromise when it comes to giving them experience they desrve.

Pre Show Support
  • Participate in planning meetings with your team on theme development and program flow; we’ll manage and run production meetings to move deliverables forward
  • Work with your organization to create a viewer experience that engages the audience and promotes active fundraising
  • Create and manage the overall event milestone and deliverables timeline
  • Consult with your team on graphic, audio, and video asset development, and advise as to asset optimization for livestream broadcast
  • Advise on the selection of production vendors; we’ll manage and act as the liaison between you, the AV company, and other vendors with regards to production of show elements
  • Advise on set elements to create the desired environment for the best audience experience and presenter effectiveness
  • Consult on script development for presenters, auctioneer, talent
  • Work with your team to optimize goals using the organization’s fundraising platform
  • Consult on set up of your online bidding platform
Rehearsals and Day of Event
  • Oversee rehearsals and advise on script and program adjustments; work with AV company to facilitate any adjustments
  • Act as the main point of contact between your organization’s staff, presenters, talent, and AV company
  • During the event, we’ll be there to work with the AV company on program execution
  • Manage all late changes to show content, ensuring scripts and assets are up-to-date
  • Work with your team on real-time updates to track your fundraising goals during the event.

Who We Are

Event Industry Experts

Brown Pelican Group is a woman-owned business, born in 2009 as a premier provider of wifi, networking, and technology for the in-person and virtual events industry. Marybeth and Glenn Hall have been in the events business for over 22 years, and are experts with deep experience in event production and technology.  They recognized the importance of providing focused, secure, and dependable solutions that meet the really demanding needs of events, and so the Brown Pelican brand legacy was built on white glove customer service.

Before Brown Pelican, both Marybeth and Glenn were in leadership positions in Jack Morton Worldwide, one of the world’s largest event marketing and production agencies, for 14 years and 9 years respectively. 

Marybeth has been in the trenches producing events, in leadership roles overseeing amazing teams running events, advising companies on how to run events, and pretty much everything in between. She’s worked on programs for hundreds of attendees, to tens of thousands, for the world’s biggest brands, and learned the importance of how an event experience can transform the brand’s impression on audiences and create loyalty.

Glenn has been at the forefront of event technology since 1999, where he played an integral part in the development of many large event and architectural projects for clients including Madison Square Garden, Sprint, NFL, US Navy, Bank of America, LG, Home Depot, MTV, Cotton, FOX, NBC.

Nonprofit Passion

At Brown Pelican Group, we’re passionate about nonprofits and have been working with outstanding organizations for many years. Glenn and Marybeth have personally been ardent supporters of nonprofit organizations for over 20 years, providing production, technology, marketing, and financial support to keep the important work of nonprofits alive. Marybeth has served on the boards of San Francisco nonprofits North Beach Citizens and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Nonprofit Owners

In 2018, Marybeth took their passion for animals and founded When Pigs Fly Ranch, a farm animal sanctuary and 501c3 dedicated to providing permanent homes to farm animals (mostly pigs!) who are neglected, unwanted or abused, in a safe, healthy, and loving environment. Glenn and Marybeth have worked tirelessly to make sure that these otherwise marginalized critters live out their lives in peace and harmony, and to say they understand the challenges of running a nonprofit is an understatement! They’ve been faced with major floods, wildfire evacuations, and the fallout from the impact that COVID-19 has had on their events business.

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