Intel CES – Satellite Truck, Livestream Drone Experience

Working closely with Intel’s Keynote team, we set up in the desert to provide bandwidth and a network to livestream a drone inspecting a solar field. This stream was fed live into VR headsets during Intel’s keynote at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Intel held their annual press conference at CES, and for the first time ever, they demonstrated one of their new products with a live 360 degree virtual reality experience. While press conference attendees listened to CEO Brian Krzanich talk about the many ways virtual reality experiences are changing our everyday life, Brown Pelican WiFi, along with a special Intel team, stood by at a solar farm in a desert of Las Vegas ready to stream a live flight of a drone straight into the virtual reality views of Intel press conference attendees. This experience was to demonstrate the many ways virtual reality could be used in the future for assisting large operations like this in checking on equipment in a much faster and thorough way.

Brown Pelican WiFi provided the WiFi connectivity for the drone, piloted by L.A. Drones, to broadcast the first-ever LIVE 360 virtual reality experience back to the Mandalay Bay Resort conference room attendees. With the help of CBTV and two satellite trucks, the robust connection proved to be secure and steady for the live press conference miles and miles away, from a desert, no less.

Client: Intel

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