L.L. Bean Coworking Event

L.L. Bean’s “Be An Outsider at Work” initiative was brought to life during the L.L. Bean Coworking Event held at Manhattan’s Madison Square Park. The event featured various seating arrangements that encouraged attendees to interact in a coworking space, utilizing things such as both standing and pedal desks, and quasi-indoor spaces. This event was inspired by a survey conducted by L.L. Bean of 1,050 American workers that found that 86% would like to spend more time outside during the workday. Just by being outdoors, many attendees found inspiration by being in an open and flexible environment, with a feeling of less pressure to get work done, which resulted in getting more work done!

Since this event took place in Madison Square Park, where there is no bandwidth available, Brown Pelican WiFi was brought in to launch and maintain a satellite bandwidth wifi solution using military grade equipment on our satellite truck. We provided a 30/30mb circuit for the production staff, a registration network, and for the attendees during the day-long event.

Client: L.L. Bean
Partnered with: Jack Morton Worldwide

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