Mapbox Locate Conference

Mapbox held their first event at Pier 27 along the historic Embarcadero in San Francisco in May 2018 that celebrated the connections of the world – Mapbox Locate 2018. Locate had over one hundred and twenty speakers who discussed topics like self-driving DYI Robocars, Uber location data, and the future of dynamic data-driven maps. The event also had an Exploration Hall and various labs where hands-on participation was encouraged by guests, and one of the highlights of the event was a Donkeycar (Robocar) Race in the parking lot!

Brown Pelican WiFi customized our permanent wifi network at Pier 27 to accommodate between 800-1000 users each day at the event. A fully managed, secure network was set up for exhibitors and attendees to utilize. Since Brown Pelican WiFi has a network already installed at Pier 27, it can be easily tailored to fit any event taking place at Pier 27. In addition to events, our wifi network also provides wifi to cruise ship passengers when they arrive in port.

Client: Mapbox

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