Topo Summit 2019

Pier 27 in San Francisco was home to the fourth annual TOPO Summit, a two-day event that brought together over 1,500 sales and marketing leaders to discuss industry trends, solutions, and innovations. TOPO Summit provided a place for sales and marketing professionals to connect and network with one another, while gaining the latest tips and tricks to drive revenue growth. The event had over 60 different sessions, workshops and breakout sessions for attendees to enjoy, that focused on topics like sales effectiveness, go-to-market strategy, and organizational design.

For the third consecutive year, Brown Pelican WiFi provided secure WiFi to all users, presenters, exhibitors and production staff during the event. The Brown Pelican permanently installed network at Pier 27 allowed for the event wifi to be customized so each user enjoyed a fast and secure connection that was fulling managed by an engineer on-site to ensure 100% up-time.

Partnered with: Roar Events
Client: TOPO

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