WiFi Tools

WiFi Tools 2016We are here to help you create solutions that are the best possible fit for your event needs. Take a look at the complimentary, exclusive tools below to assist you with your WiFi technology project. We have been in the WiFi business since 2008, and want to help make this process as easy and efficient as possible for you.

WiFi Checklist

This checklist will come in handy for every project you work on. Once you enter in all of the information requested, you can easily submit it to receive an estimate for your event.

Fill Out WiFi Checklist Here

Bandwidth Calculator

This Bandwidth Calculator was developed by the tech team at Brown Pelican WiFi to unravel the mysteries of how much bandwidth is enough. Since we have been providing WiFi and technology at events for several years, we have come up with a very accurate formula to calculate what you will need for your specialized event. Use the calculator to help figure out your bandwidth needs, and please contact us with any questions – info@brownpelicangroup.com or call us at (855)-235-WIFI.

Calculate Bandwidth Here