About Brown Pelican WiFi

The Brown Pelican WiFi office is located in Mariners Landing which also is home to film studios, tech companies and other creative businesses.  Brown Pelican WiFi is woman owned business co-founded by Marybeth and Glenn Hall. Together they bring over 20 years experience in digital media, IT, networking, brand strategy, event management and production.




Owner’s Bios

Marybeth Hall

IMG_1453Marybeth has more than 20 years of marketing experience, with a focus on event technology, event strategy and production. In her role as CEO and co-owner of Brown Pelican WiFi, she handles sales, marketing and operations for this event WiFi and technology company. Clients include Google, Nike, GE, National Parks Service, Samsung, T-Mobile, Avon, Airbnb, Twitter and Dropbox.
While at Jack Morton, she held leadership positions including SVP Sr. Account Director, SVP Director of Operations, VP Managing Director of Design and VP Director of Production. Her corporate client portfolio included VMware, eBay, Google, Bank of America, Computer Associates, Nokia, Aetna US Healthcare.

Marybeth has led and participated in a range of strategic initiatives that create awareness, understanding and advocacy for clients’ brands. These include creating communications strategy, integrated event marketing plans, award-winning architectural design initiatives and business-to-business events.

Prior to joining Jack Morton Worldwide, she was Owner / Managing Director for 10 years at Option 3 Studios, an award-winning digital media company whose clients included AT&T, Showtime Networks, Bethlehem Steel, Andretti Enterprises and the United States Golf Association.


Glenn Hall

DSC02840As CTO of Brown Pelican WiFi, Glenn manages all technology solutions for our clients. Glenn brings over 16 years experience in networking and IT, and specializes in developing solutions for clients’ event technology needs. He creates a customized plan and packages it in a cost-effective solution that time after time, gets outstanding results.

In addition to his work in IT and technology, Glenn has played an integral part in the development of many large event and architectural projects for clients including Madison Square Garden, Sprint, NFL, US Navy, Bank of America, LG, Home Depot, MTV, Cotton, FOX, NBC.

Before beginning his career in events and technology, Glenn was a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, and served in the United States Marine Corps as a Helicopter Avionics Technician. Needless to say, he knows how to get things done.


How Our Brand Was Born

A lot of people ask us where the name “Brown Pelican WiFi” comes from. The photo below kind of says it all.  We had a boat in Sausalito, where we would see dozens, and sometimes hundreds of Brown Pelicans.  They are inspiring, courageous, elegant, comical and beautiful.  We felt fortunate to share space with them, and we decided on the name one morning over coffee when there were “squadrons” feeding in the bay.

Brown Pelican Close To Water_crop