WiFi is EVERYWHERE. No doubt about that. Wherever people go, they expect to be able to connect – especially at an event. As WiFi has evolved, Brown Pelican WiFi has been evolving with it and has mastered providing Event WiFi solutions at events that are dependable, affordable and customized to fit the unique event space.
Here are some of the Event WiFi areas in which we specialize:

Custom Temporary Event WiFi


(Google Geek Street Fair)

Custom WiFi networks are perfect for events that are held within large convention spaces, outdoor locations, or on-site at large corporate owned buildings. Each WiFi installation is customized to fit the venue and expected usage while staying with the budget.

One of the biggest benefits of a Custom WiFi Installation is that we make sure it works within the parameters of the location of the event. Since Brown Pelican WiFi can customize the WiFi solution, no venue is out of the question: indoor, outdoor, big, small, middle of nowhere – you name it. Brown Pelican WiFi can get secured and dedicated WiFi delivered to the event, and all within your budget.

Brown Pelican WiFi has successfully installed and managed custom WiFi in hundreds of locations nationwide.

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Outdoor Event WiFi


(The Grove Tree Lighting)

WiFi is expected nearly everywhere these days. That is especially true at events – even if they are held outdoors. Brown Pelican WiFi has successfully installed WiFi at many outdoor venues like: concerts, public events, festivals, sporting events, and city-wide races – even on Alcatraz!

Because of our many successful outdoor events in which we have installed WiFi, we have become one of the industry leaders specializing in this unique market of outdoor events.

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Permanent Venue Event WiFi

(Pier 27)

Installing WiFi capabilities permanently at a location allows for the network to be easily turned on for individual events throughout the space much faster, and often times at a lower cost since the hardware to provide the WiFi services is already set up, and maintained regularly. Because of the value added by doing this successfully, Brown Pelican WiFi has been chosen by many large venues to install permanent networks in their facilities.

In fact, Pier 27 in San Francisco had this to say about the permanent WiFi installation at their location.

“Brown Pelican WiFi’s knowledge and experience in, and passion for, the events industry provides an insider prospective to our client’s uncompromising WiFi requirements. They deliver outstanding client service and solid WiFi networks that exceed our client’s expectations every time. They do the heavy lifting and we breathe easy knowing that our clients WiFi needs are covered. Our Brown Pelican WiFi partnership is a key selling point, ensuring clients confidence that Pier 27 is best venue for their event.” – Sherri Collier, Pier 27, San Francisco

If you’re a venue looking for the right event WiFi solution, contact us and we’ll do a complimentary audit of your current system. (415) 580-7936 or info@brownpelicanwifi.com

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Satellite Bandwidth WiFi

As events continue to evolve, they aren’t always taking place in a building, park or convention center – they are now happening in unique, remote locations. Satellite Bandwidth is best utilized when no signal can be brought in via hardline, or by microwave signal. Also, when time constraints prevent using other bandwidth options.

A few of the projects where we’ve successfully used Satellite Bandwidth are:

• A solar panel farm in the middle of a dessert in Las Vegas
• A private residence deep in the hills of California for a special event
• A major Las Vegas hotel that was having bandwidth issues 15 hours before a critical keynote webcast
• A park in New York City with no fiber or microwave line of site
• A location near Nashville with no fiber or microwave line of site and poor cellular coverage

Satellite Event Bandwidth is a totally different ball game in how Bandwidth and WiFi is actually provided, but the results are the same with Brown Pelican. Rock. Solid. WiFi.

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Event WiFi Consulting Services

Because of our extensive experience working in the event business, we have seen everything – well, close to everything. And that gives us the tools and expertise to help you understand, design and execute a successful event. This is a perfect solution if you just need some guidance and planning along the way to make absolutely sure all of the details are taken care of for the big event.

• Project review and suggestions to consider.
• Hardware recommendations
• Bandwidth usage discussions and calculations
• Technology vendor management
• Network architecture planning


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