Managed Service Providers

It’s hard to think of a scenario where we don’t need access to the internet and to the technology that enables our daily lives. We take it for granted that we’ll always be able to connect to the things that are most important, and easily tap into the vast amount of information and technology around us to do our jobs, live our lives, and keep in touch. But how do we keep that all working? What do we do when this infrastructure isn’t delivering? Do we have the experts on hand to focus on this critical part of our success? Read on if you’ve asked yourself those questions.

Brown Pelican has been delivering WiFi and networking solutions that keep businesses – and people – connected, since 2009. As a Managed Service Provider, we’ll work with you to make sure your network is running at its best for your staff, guests, and customers by using our experience, enterprise monitoring software, and best in class hardware. Whether it’s for your existing network, or a new one installed by Brown Pelican, our experts are here to help.

  • Our MSP Services include:
    • Network Architecture and Design
    Site Analysis and RF Mapping
    Custom Configuration and Enterprise Equipment
    Installation and Installation Management
    Remote System Monitoring
    Phone Support
    On Site Troubleshooting
    Data Capture and Reporting
    Branded Portals

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If you’re looking for the right networking and WiFi solution, contact us and we’ll do an audit of your current situation. 
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