Satellite Bandwidth Event WiFi

What Do You Do When You’re in a Remote Location with NO INTERNET Access?

As events continue to evolve, they aren’t always taking place in a building, park or convention center – they are now happening in unique, remote locations. Brown Pelican WiFi has had the privilege of providing Satellite Bandwidth and Event WiFi for events in the last few years and we want to share what we have learned.

We see this as a trend that will continue to grow, so take a few minutes and learn about how Brown Pelican WiFi specializes in Satellite Bandwidth and WiFi, and if it might be a good fit for your upcoming events.


Why Use Brown Pelican WiFi for Satellite Bandwidth?
It’s All in the Numbers – and Success!

If you have done your research about Satellite Bandwidth, you know that there are a few options out there. But be sure you know what you are getting.

While ‘fly kits’ can seem to be an inexpensive solution to attain the goal of bringing in Bandwidth in the middle of a field, not having a professional set it up properly with the right equipment, and manage it at some level, could end up being the demise of the WiFi at your event.

Most of these kit solutions will provide at best 15×5 Mbps solutions with high latency. This means very limited usage and low number of users able to connect.

Our solution uses military grade equipment and we have successfully provided 50×50 Mbps with low latency. We’ve run events with over 300 users, including live streams, with


How Satellite Bandwidth Works

Typically bandwidth comes from connectivity through fiber networks, or a microwave signal. Satellite bandwidth requires accessing a satellite signal which connects to a ground station that’s connected to the Internet. From there the Satellite bandwidth signal can be distributed to WiFi access points at the event site to provide the secure Event WiFi connection you need.

When To Use Satellite Bandwidth Event WiFi

Satellite Bandwidth is best utilized when no signal can be brought in via hardline, or by microwave signal. Also, when time constraints prevent using other bandwidth options.

A few of the projects where we’ve successfully used Satellite Bandwidth are:

  • A solar panel farm in the middle of a dessert in Las Vegas
  • A private residence deep in the hills of California for a special event
  • A major Las Vegas hotel that was having bandwidth issues 15 hours before a critical keynote webcast
  • A park in New York City with no fiber or microwave line of site
  • A location near Nashville with no fiber or microwave line of site and poor cellular coverage

Satellite Event Bandwidth is a totally different ball game in how Bandwidth and WiFi is actually provided, but the results are the same with Brown Pelican.
Rock. Solid. WiFi.