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You Need Event WiFi – But How Do You Know What You Need?

Now that you have determined you need wifi for your event, it’s time to decide what the best solution is that fits your exact needs, and budget.

Take a look at the options we specialize in below, and let us know if you have any questions – we are experts in creating the perfect wifi solution for each unique event.

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Event Bandwidth

The first piece of the event wifi puzzle is bandwidth, and it can make or break your event. The WiFi network makes it all happen on-site, but unless you have enough bandwidth, the access points, switches and routers can’t make the network more robust.

Types of bandwidth:

• fiber
• microwave point to point
• satellite bandwidth

Best solution for:

• events with 50+ users
• long running events or permanent network needs
• events requiring a fully managed network
• outdoor or remote location connection needs

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Cellular WiFi Routers

When fiber, microwave or satellite aren’t an option for bandwidth, our Cellular WiFi Router hotspots are great when you need quick wifi for a small number of users. We use an enterprise grade router that accesses multiple carriers to “bond” their signals together to transmit wifi.

We’ll pre-configure the equipment to meet your specific needs, and send it directly to your event with complete set-up instructions and a return shipping label.

Best solution for:

• under 50 users
• short running events
• production team wifi until the full network is set up
• events not requiring a fully managed network

While this is a great option, the success of this type of wifi is dependent on the cellular service, so it won’t work well in areas with poor service

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Event WiFi Services

Custom Temporary WiFi
Custom wifi networks are perfect for events that are held within large convention spaces, outdoor locations, or on-site at large corporate owned buildings. Each wifi installation is customized to fit the venue and expected usage while staying with the budget.

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Outdoor WiFi
WiFi is expected nearly everywhere these days. That is especially true at events – even if they are held outdoors. Brown Pelican WiFi has successfully installed wifi at many outdoor venues like: concerts, public events, festivals, sporting events, and city-wide races – even on Alcatraz!

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Satellite WiFi
As events continue to evolve, they aren’t always taking place in a building, city park or convention center – they’re now happening in unique, remote locations. Satellite Bandwidth is best utilized when no signal can be brought in via hardline, or by microwave signal. Also, when time constraints prevent using other bandwidth options.

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Permanent WiFi Installation
Installing robust wifi permanently at a location allows for the network to be easily turned on for individual events throughout the space much faster, and oftentimes at a lower cost since the hardware to provide the WiFi services is already set up, and maintained regularly.

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